I feel your disgust on that one.

Don't tease her.

The price has gone up.

As he came home it started to rain.


Think would have been very upset.

Buy your tickets early.

Who did you talk with?

I saw five men.

She was my best friend at that time.

Don wanted to talk to Jesper about it.

Now go have fun.


Stand up straight.

I thought it was a great idea.

The house is on the hill.

He was foolish enough to believe it.

Keep this lesson in mind.


There are too many ads on YouTube.


I wrote this poem for Caroline.


What's holding you back from starting over?

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Imogen of the Internet is torn between filling out the music sections of all her online profiles and ensuring that none of her friends will have ever heard of her favorite bands in order to protect their precious obscurity.

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I really hope you're right.


We've always been good friends.


Oooh, get a move on. We'll end up late! Come on, I'll tie your shoelaces for you.


I want you to sit with me.

Ramanan has already told Albert what to do.

I will have finished reading this novel by the time you come tomorrow.


Do you have any aspirin on you?

Glen gets mad when she thinks her parents are judging her.

Jose pointed to the chair next to his.


I don't scratch their backs.

Do you know who broke this window?

My mom always says that she will visit me soon.

Get out of here, all of you!

Lucas is a wise-ass.

I lost heart.

I have to unpack my luggage.


Tony needs your help just as much as I do.


You don't know what you're talking about.


I've never been asked for anything like this.

I promise you that from now on I'll be good.

Last night, we saw a touching film at the movies.

Nanda could hear the sound of people outside.

Norm says that learning a foreign language is hard.

Do you plan to eat all of that yourself?

You need to call the police immediately.

Knudsen did it this morning so he wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.

Does this bus go to the beach?

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Lee blushed and turned away.


When I was feeding my dog, I noticed that the gate had been left open.

Amarth says that anyone can be hypnotized.

It was tough.

List doesn't know much.

May I use your dictionary?

Get yourself astride the balance beam.

I really dig that singer.


Matthieu told me where I could buy the part I needed.


Have you told his mother?

He has no interest in politics.

I didn't lie to him.

We're confused.

Reid and Micheal managed to escape just in time.

Tell Beverly to hurry.

He said, I am not.

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Carisa has found something interesting.

We're so busy.

I don't know what Prakash was doing.

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Don't wake her up.

The report is incorrect.

Edwin readily accepted the offer.

Just to be on the safe side, why don't you take an umbrella with you?

Why do school grades matter?

Marriage is made in heaven.

I didn't prepare a presentation. So I just blagged it.


He asked me whether I had slept well last night.


This time, the battle would be among diplomats.

He hardened his heart against her.

I think we should try to buy Emil's car.

It took us two hours to get to Tokyo by train.

We have to do something and we have to do it now.

Marian started the car and drove off.

She is popular not because of her beauty, but because of her kindness.

Later, Chris felt ashamed and apologized and Beth forgave him.

It's been too long.

Her father made her tell him everything.

What am I going to do about Roy?

You both are correct.

Del treated Brandi like a queen.

What's going on with you and Angela?

You're asking me questions you already know the answers to.

I brush my teeth after breakfast.

If he had drunk only a little alcohol, he wouldn't have been drunk.


Do you have any last-minute advice?

He is a good loser.

I want to buy a shirt.

We have a congregation with terrific people.

It depends how I feel.


Leslie looks somewhat unhappy.


Nicolo knows what you said.

We go to school to learn.

Don't touch my car.

I don't remember if Ariel's car was blue or not.

Everyone's still asleep.


The students don't like school.


A man of that cut will always succeed.

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Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.


Whether or not he will come is doubtful.

I told them I could handle it.

Come back to Chicago.

We can't afford another failure.

She was surprised when she saw the ghost.

He's a Pisces.

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to live underwater.

It rained for ten days straight.

She was the last woman I expected to see.

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We will go, but without you.


He found us.

Go kiss an orc.

That's where my family is from.


We weren't scared.


You must rid yourself of bad habits.

The committee adjourned to another hall.

Tai must've gone ahead.

Tell her I don't want to go.

His business was only a partial success.

Heather took the wrong bus.

Where's the fire?

I have a deep affection for her.

Set Gypsy free.

There were two cakes.

I like being independent.

She is unable to add that sentence.

The radioactivity leaked out of the nuclear power plant.


Among his novels, I like this best.

The situation is capable of improvement.

Ronni won't speak to them.

He paid me a visit.

I'll do my best to have no regrets.


Marie believes in life before death.

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This pillow is too soft for me.

They live in a house over there through the woods.

It will be difficult to sweep the room with the fan on!

Let's not waste time talking about this.

She doesn't want to go to her room by herself.

I wanted five pineapples.

The plane ran into a tropical thunderstorm.

I heard various opinions.

Do you see any problems with the project?

To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

Zeus is angry.

What is the best way to learn English?

I'm at home most of the day.


Let me answer Susumu's question.


The following morning, the snowman was completely melted.


He reminds me of my grandfather.

Mother is preparing lunch.

Nothing could be done aside from hoping.

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Everything is going to be different now.

I'd like to live in New York.

The news was very surprising to her.